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Human Rights Day 2016


Our mission is to expand the global marketplace of hardworking people in developing countries. Human Rights Day is Monday March 21, and we thought there was no better time to to continue a conversation that matters so much to us. Many people are familiar with the concept of Fair Trade but are unaware of the important principles it stands for.



Our entire business model operates on this one simple concept.

  • Artisans paid up front so they have no out of pocket to produce our products. Many small makers in developing countries cannot afford to front the capital for products before they are sold. We remove this barrier so they can focus on their craft without worrying about the bottom line.
  • Artisans set their own prices for labor and talent, prices that are closely monitored against fair wage standards. This is not a one-sided conversation. We educate artisans on the fair market value of the worth of their talent so they can use that knowledge to continue the conversation throughout their towns. This leads to a steady rise in the quality of living for those living around our artisans as well.
  • Fair Trade products are created with the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Creating a quality product that has a green footprint is the only way we know!
  • A close relationship with makers to avoid poor business practices like child labor and unsafe working conditions. We visit our artisans several times per year to ensure they have what they need to be successful.
  • Access to the global market place. The idea of importing and exporting products can be daunting, if not impossible, for someone in a small village. We take care of this huge hurdle for our partners to make it easier to access customers in the US marketplace.


The concept of Fair Trade leads to empowerment. The positive ripple effect doesn’t stop with our artisans. Our makers feel pride in their work which extends to a confident, educated, and supported community. We do not work on a handout model, but rather an education and support model. As our artisans’ own business grows, they can invest back into their business while supporting the needs of their families and communities as well.


Beyond Fair Trade
Fair wages and treatment lead to a variety of great things like access to clean water, food, upgraded sanitation, and education. We go beyond this by supporting domestic and international causes important to us. We’ve partnered with organizations such as Feeding America, Save the Rhino, and the Red Cross to continue the ripple of positive change near and far. We want to give back to the communities who have believed and supported us along the way.



When trade is done right, it can truly change the world. When you purchase from companies that support these practices, you are voting with your wallet for the kind of world you want to see.


Together, we can #spreadhope.