Handmade and heartfelt gifts for your Valentine



Orange you glad we pulled together a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts? We apologize in advance for the Valentine’s Day puns, but we just couldn’t resist!


Valentine's Day Gifts ship free through January 28, 2015! Use the coupon code at the bottom of this post during checkout.

Enfa Necklace, $36
Tell your Valentine you love her berry much with this necklace made from açaí berry seeds! And have you ever seen a rose made of orange peel? Our artisans collect the discarded peels from street juice vendors in South America, roll them into a beautiful rose shape, dry them in the sun to a hard, leather-like consistency, and color them with natural dyes. Offset among seeds from açaí berries and you have a statement piece perfect for your sweetheart.


Jiwa Heart and Soul Carving, $26
Handcarved from sustainable rain tree wood, this heartfelt sculpture is the perfect accent piece to remind your Valentine of your love.


Fruta Bracelet, $22
This dainty bracelet is available in a rainbow of colors, but Rosa and Cherry are our top picks for Valentine’s Day! Our artisans twist sun-dried orange peels and string seeds from the açaí berry, each colored with natural dyes to make this naturally fragrant bracelet.


Cinta Embrace Wood Carving, $44
Handcarved from sustainable rain tree wood, this sculpture is designed to be a reminder of your love all year round.


Resa Scarf, $42
This eco-friendly scarf is handmade from 100% silk. Our artisans in India collect silk scraps from Saris to create this one-of-a-kind piece that’s sure to warm your heart.


Lupo Earrings, $18
Going steady but cant-aloupe? The perfect lightweight earring with a story, we bet you’ve never seen earrings made from cantaloupe melon seeds before!


Kodo Frog Pair Carving, $26
Being green is easy when you’re this cute. Our artisans carve this duo from albesia wood and hand paint the adorable details. Your Valentine will know how toad-ally awesome you are when you say “I love you” with these guys!


Cafe Rosa Necklace, $38
If words can’t espresso how much your Valentine means to you, this necklace might be the perfect pick. She’ll know you love her a latte every time she wears this fun piece made from real Colombian coffee beans and orange peel.


Valentine's Day Gifts ship free through January 28, 2015! Use code SHIPFREE at checkout.