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Put kindness first on your to do list


Our daily lives can be a bombardment of tasks, chores, obligations, and distractions that can sometimes take us away from the important things. Small, meaningful gestures can have such an outward effect on so many aspects of our lives. We assembled this list to serve as a reminder of small things you can do to benefit yourself and those around you.


Leave a comment and let us know which is your favorite.



Hide an encouraging note for someone to find
It’s a great way to show a friend, a loved one, or even a stranger that you’re thinking of them.


Give a sincere compliment
When words are both true and kind, they can change the world. You never know when a compliment can completely turn around someone’s day.


Pledge to volunteer
Find a cause you’re passionate about and do something to support it. Consider your local animal shelter, a hospital, home meals for senior citizens, a library, or community center. You’ll surely brighten the day of those around you.


Thank our service people
The brave men and women in uniform do so much to contribute to our everyday life. Whether you shake the hand of a military person you see in public or you assemble a goodie basket for the local firehouse, show them how much you appreciate their service.


Donate books to a school or library
If you’re finished with novels, children’s books, or textbooks, consider donating them to an organization where others can appreciate them. Bonus, it frees up space in your home as well!


Become an organ donor
Life is for sharing. Each day, 18 men, women, or children die waiting for a transplant because no organs are available. One donor can impact more than 50 lives and you don’t have to be in perfect health to make a difference. Donation costs nothing and your decision can give someone else a second chance.


Be kind to yourself
Your life will improve when you take small chances. The first chance you can take is to be honest with yourself. Make a decision to eat healthier, make better financial decisions, or avoid negative self-talk. Starting with yourself will have a ripple effect with those you care about.


Forgive someone
Even if an expected apology never comes, offering forgiveness to someone can help to put your own mind at ease and move on. There’s no sense punishing yourself and holding on to a grudge, and your maturity can often inspire others to move past a conflict or difficult situation as well.


How do you plan to be kind this week?