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A powerful story

Our mission is simple: spread hope.TM It’s not just our motto, it’s a principle that we put into action with every decision we make.


Making a difference in the life of someone half a world away isn’t as difficult as you may think. When you choose to buy Fair Trade products, you transform lives in a real way by offering sustainable income opportunities for people in developing countries.



Unlike many of the typical mass producers of goods around the world, fair trade workers are paid fair, up front prices for their work. Additionally, their working conditions are safe, child labor is forbidden and gender equality is ensured. These factors help foster long-term buying relationships and make the opportunity of food, water, shelter, education and quality of life a reality for people in economically disadvantaged communities.


These Fair Trade ideas sound great, here’s how we put them into action:


Be supportive. We provide our artisans with an environment for success, which includes access to the global marketplace and assistance in areas like product development and quality control. Our goal is to provide our artisans an opportunity to earn a sustainable income and improve their quality of life.


Be fair. To ensure that each artist is fairly compensated for their time, labor, and talent, we never mandate prices. Our partners are free to set their own prices and change them at will to help ensure a stable income. We’re committed to making our products in a way that is good for people and good for the environment while following fair trade practices.


Be thoughtful. Our handmade products make great gifts because of the thought and care put into creating everything in our shop. You’ll know that when you say yes to our fair trade, eco-friendly goods, you’re saying no to sweatshops, unfair wages, and child labor.


Fair trade workers aren’t the only ones that benefit. Fair trade items are made with sustainable or upcycled materials, making them a good choice for the planet. They can also be found in a number of product categories, making it easy to find fair trade alternatives to the mass-produced goods we’re used to. Even better? They often don't cost significantly more than traditional products.


Changing the world is a pretty good business to be in, and we’re glad to give our customers the opportunity to make a difference. How the story ends is up to you, how do you live Fair?