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Staying on track


We’re more than a month in to 2015, how are you keeping up with your resolutions? If they aren’t going quite as planned, you’re not alone. Let us help to jumpstart you to get you back on track. If you didn’t make one, now is a great time! Don’t wait until 2016 to create a new resolution, positive change can happen any time of year.


Follow through is tough, we get it. Even if the odds are against you, that’s no reason to give up. Our tips are broken down into a few easy-to-follow steps.




Think about your goal and why you want it. Make sure you’re pursuing a life change for reasons that matter to you, not because a friend is pursuing a similar path. What exactly are you aiming for; a healthier lifestyle, better organization, more family time? Fully understanding your goal will help you to visualize the results and get motivated.




Make a plan for yourself, take it one step at a time, and stay committed to it. Treat it as the same priority level as a commitment to someone else, like a doctor’s appointment or coffee date. Know your short and long term goals and set deadlines for each milestone. Not everything can happen right this moment, understanding this can help to build momentum.




No matter your goal, it will likely take time to achieve it and I’m sure your time is in short supply with all other life obligations. Change takes time, plan for the time trade-offs that will be necessary as you work towards your goal.




Don’t wait for confidence to find you, act as if you already have it. If others share their negative opinions with you, don’t use them as an excuse to stop; think your way and visualize the outcome you’re working towards. If you can, rally a group of friends to hold you accountable for your promise to yourself. A personal pep-talk is great, but a pep-talk from a friend can be the extra boost needed to keep you going in the right direction.




The key to staying on track is to integrate it into your everyday life. Talk about your successes and your setbacks. Continuing the story will help you continue to follow through with your goal. Imagine the stories you can tell when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do!


Never forget that you have a choice. Not every day will go exactly according to plan, and that’s ok. Don’t let a bump in the road push you completely off the track.


These tips apply to everything from eating better to financial responsibility. What has worked for you (and what hasn’t)? What will you accomplish in 2015?