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Sweeter than sunrise

To celebrate style that’s sweeter than sunshine, we want to share the story about our Made From Fruit jewelry. Each handmade piece is a labor of love and our artisans want you to know how your jewelry makes its way from the grove to your jewelry box.


Street juice vendors are a common sight in South America. The tourists enjoy freshly-squeezed juice and the workers enjoy using the abundant resources available to them naturally. Juicers discard peels, which are then picked up by artisans. Each peel is rolled, twisted, and sculpted into the desired shape which then undergoes a weeklong sun-drying process. After setting to a hard, leather-like texture, artisans add natural dyes to transform the peels into colorful hues. The natural oils remain to give each piece a light citrus scent.


Orange peel twists, spirals, and roses can be paired with a variety of seeds and nuts to create a finished piece.



Featured above are our Casi Necklace and Decla Necklace. Each uses naturally fragrant orange peels to create the statement roses and are accented with natural seeds and nuts.


Since large grocery shops don’t exist in every country, street vendors are common. Fresh produce, meat, spices, and more can be purchased from these open-air, roadside markets.



Join us in raising a glass to National Orange Month!