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It's time to travel.


Travel gives us a sense of wonder and helps us see things from a new perspective. Your curiosity is there to guide you as the journey unfolds before your eyes. Our journeys have taken us around the globe in search of talented artisans just waiting to share their handicrafts with you. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite decor pieces that let you feel like you’re entering a new world every time you step into your home.


Seti Wood Box. This spherical box and lid features handcarved floral elements on every angle in mahogany. It’s not only a beautiful tabletop or shelf decoration, this practical craft can keep your precious items within close reach.


Berse Meditating Wood Carving. A serene carving from sustainable rain tree wood brings a simple elegance to any space. This hand carved work of art is perfect for the yoga lover, meditation enthusiast, and anyone who appreciates a calming, peaceful vibe.


Gaja Elephant Carving. Bring this lovable, gentle giant along on your journey. His attentive and kind eyes tell a story and would stand tall as an attractive centerpiece or conversation starter. Gaja is hand carved from sustainable rain tree wood and features whitewashed wooden tusks.


Damai Buddha Carving. Share in the inspiring teachings of young Buddha with this hand carved sculpture. Let inner peace radiate outward from the hand carved details and unmatched craftsmanship. This Damai buddha is sure to bring serenity to any space.


Hari Wood Box. This decorative box is hand carved from a single piece of mahogany and features growing floral beauty on all sides. Each detail is inspired by the tropics of Asia where artisans pass down carving skills to each generation.


Burung Owl Carving. Let the wide-eyed wisdom of this owl duo grace your home. Hand carved from natural crocodile wood, this one-of-a-kind work features delicate, yet rustic details.


Jiwa Heart and Soul Wood Carving. This totem of love is hand carved from sustainable rain tree wood. A perfect gift as a reminder of your feelings for the person who has captured your heart.



There is still so much to see. Where do you want to go?