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An open letter to Spring

Dear Spring,


It’s no secret that we’ve dealt with (and are still dealing with) a long, cold, blustery, snowy winter. March is here and our countdown has reached 20 days until Spring officially beings. We couldn’t be more anxious to get the 2015 Spring party started with warmer days filled with lemonade, walking in the soft green grass, and grill-outs.

We’re counting down the days until your captivating warmth allows life to literally blossom around us. It’s fun to keep us waiting in anticipation to make a grand entrance. It’s fun to be welcomed in with cheer and excitement. But l think I speak for everyone when I say that we’re ready for you this year more than ever before. We’re ready for you to usher out the snow and usher in the tulips. We’re ready to break out of our hibernation and into some baseball, flip flops, and puddle jumping.

Brighten our days with your blue sky adventures, rising thermometers, and blooming gardens. We’ll even start our spring cleaning early if it means you’ll make your grand entrance. Our wardrobes could really use some colorful pops, anyways.


If you would kindly show up, I promise we’ll be more excited to see you now than ever before.


Anxiously waiting your return,

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