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Welcome, Spring!

We’re celebrating the first day of Spring with a style pick-me-up inspired by floral arrangements!


Need some help picking out a few fresh looks to liven up your wardrobe? Below are five color palettes for Spring 2015 style. Which speaks to you? Tell us in the comments.



The playful gal loves color, texture, and scale; and she loves mixing them all together even more! She brings out the best in others and can always evoke an honest laugh. Her sweet, sensitive, and thoughtful side means she cherishes deep, meaningful relationships and values loyalty over everything else.






Express yourself with a unique style all your own. Expressive personalities are cheerful and optimistic while connecting easily with everyone she meets. She loves bright colors and can’t stand being bored and unchallenged. Her animated and lively personality often makes her the life of the party.






Traditional gals have a reserved but sophisticated style. Her trustworthy nature makes her a caring friend who is always ready to lend a hand. Her style isn’t flashy but holds true to tradition and doesn’t change with the latest fad. She gives her best to everything she sets her mind to.






A contemporary sense of style is passionate perfection because of the contemporary gal’s love of travel. She is positively influenced by everything around her and brings out the best in a group. People often seek her trusted guidance and advice because of her unique approach to life.






Last but not least, the natural gal is adventurous and loves all things found in nature. She is genuine, down-to-earth, and is pleased with the simple things in life. Add in subtle and unexpected pops of color with these neutral hues to create a look all your own.