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DIY Projects to Brighten Your Day

Springtime is upon us so dust off your craft tables, clear off your craft benches, and get ready to bake up some delightful treats! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite desserts and crafts from Pinterest to put you in a festive and bright mood. Head over to our Pinterest boards for more goodies.



Chickadee cupcakes

Use a #234 decorating tip with white icing to pipe the straw and a #235 decorating tip with brown icing to make the nest. The chickadees can be easily made with Easter candies.



Upcycling: Better than recycling!

If you’re like us, you have plenty of junk around the house that’s taking up space and not serving a purpose. Spend some weekend time finding a better use for it. A hanging outdoor vase can easily be made with old lightbulbs. Snip a hole in the metal base of the bulb and poke holes into the sides to affix the metal wire. Invert, fill with a bit of water, and attach to a branch or hook.


Festive garland

Bring the party inside with simple paper cutouts attached to string. Use solid or patterned paper and affix the string to a rod or branch for easy styling.


...and we’re just getting started. Follow our Springtime Pinterest board for more updates. Happy DIY-ing!