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Summer goals

Warmer weather is upon us, now is the time to make a plan to stay productive this summer.


Whether you’re enjoying a staycation or passing the time during the long trip to get to your destination, there’s no better way to keep your mind sharp and body relaxed than getting lost in a good book.


Visualize the path to your success by documenting what you want to accomplish. Sticking to a goal that is written down and posted somewhere you’ll see often will keep you motivated and making choices to accomplish it.


Raise awareness for a cause, donate your time to a local charity, or donate gently used items to an organization or person who can give them a second life. Your actions will have a lasting impact on yourself and the people you’ve benefitted.


Summer is the time to make! Find a craft, hobby, or other project you can tackle as a family (or group of friends) to have an accomplishment you can see and be proud of.


Just by doing simple stretches, eating right, and staying hydrated, you’ll find that you have the energy and motivation to keep your energy up during the warm months. Don’t forget to also schedule some time some time to rest and relax.


Don’t let your summer drift away by kicking back a little too much and losing track of your goals. While taking time to relax is definitely an essential, make sure you have at least a loose structure on your days to keep yourself on a path of inspiration. If you’re focusing on a specific task, do something to eliminate distractions and cross it off the list as soon as it’s completed.


Whether it’s across town, across the country, or around the world, keep a fresh perspective by doing something new. Go alone or with friends or family and you’ll put the cherry on top of another perfect summer.