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Don't be so hard on yourself

Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger. But they will never be you. We all have bad days, and that’s ok. The key to perseverance is to focus on the good and to be grateful for what you do have. If you don’t have what you desire, realize that this point in time is just one chapter in a very long book.


You are probably your own worst critic. Being aware of areas to improve upon can be a good thing. It can motivate us to achieve greatness, but being hyperaware can let negative thoughts creep into our everyday consciousness. Too much of that can be a bad thing and that’s no way to live.



The first step is to accept what you cannot change. If you can’t change a situation, you should change the way you look at it or react to it. Let go of the past without letting go of the lessons you’ve learned from it. Give yourself time to learn lessons at your own pace and take things one step at a time. Don’t perpetuate a current predicament by examining past mistakes. Instead, take action to improve your situation. You may not be able to change what happened but you can change your reaction to it. Some situations will take longer than others. But, with continued progress, you’ll begin to come to a resolution and have a more positive outlook.



Be mindful of your own thoughts and emotions and find a healthy way to express them. It’s not always possible to understand the circumstances around everything you feel, so learn what you can and move past it. Celebrate progress and forgive yourself for shortcomings. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and pay yourself compliments as often as you pay them to others.



If you’re feeling stuck, reach out to a trusted friend. If you find that someone has reached out to you to move past an obstacle, listen to what they say and ask questions to more deeply understand (and to help that person find further understanding as well).



Be your own biggest motivator. Set an example for your inner self to follow. Find something that can bring you back to a positive state if you find yourself feeling down. For some people it’s music, for others it’s a coffee date with a close friend, and for others it’s cute pictures of animals on the internet.



How will you join us in creating positive change? If you’re ready to move past a rocky point in your life, our post about continuing growth may just be the motivation you’ve been looking for.