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3 Facts about Fair Trade you don’t know

Find out the whole story behind what Fair Trade means and what it supports.




Nearly half the world’s population lives on less than $3USD per day. Fair Trade workers earn several times more than a country’s average wage creating self-sufficiency through sustainable work. This is a long-term solution to a problem that charity can’t fix. We ensure our artisans also work in safe conditions.


You’ll find that most Fair Trade products are priced the same or very similar to traditionally manufactured goods. The added benefit of Fair Trade means you’re getting a product that makes a difference without an impact on your wallet. I Thought of You works directly with artisans to provide handmade goods to our customers, eliminating the markup of products that pass through several channels before arriving to the customer.



Styles produced by our artisans stem from rich traditional culture of each region and often do not have an American alternative. Traditional skills are often passed down from previous generations and use materials abundantly found in very specific regions of the world.



Join our team and become an entrepreneur for good. Our Curator opportunity enables you to sell Fair Trade merchandise to earn an income for yourself while also supporting artisans around the globe. We’re recruiting for our next class of Curators. Fill out an application and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.