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30 Days of Gratitude

Earlier this year, I logged one thing I was grateful for each day. I think of myself as a pretty positive person, but that’s easier said than done on really trying days. Sometimes the things that bring the most stress also bring the most joy. Hiding or shaming our negative emotions isn’t healthy, emotions in the “sad” category should expressed and explored and not immediately suppressed. But, recognizing that there is some good in every day, can help you be grateful for the life you have and give you a reason to search out the positive, even when it might be a little tough to come by.


Below are my gratitude observations each day:

Day 1: This morning’s hot chocolate tasted better than usual.

Day 2: Snow was forecasted but we got none. Score!

Day 3: Air travel can be rough sometimes, but the fact that we have the ability to be anywhere in the world in just about a day’s time is truly amazing.

Day 4: Grateful for meaningful relationships with people near and far.

Day 5: The ability to impact lives of people I never thought I’d get the chance to meet.

Day 6: You know those days when you pull off a new outfit with confidence? Yeah, that’s good.

Day 7: Got a pack of lemon turnovers at the store today, on mega sale.

Day 8: The perfect baked potato.

Day 9: Board game nights with friends.

Day 10: I have a fridge full of healthy and tasty food.

Day 11: My puppy might be a terror but my goodness she is the cutest terror.

Day 12: Going to bed early.

Day 13: Excited to plan for what’s ahead.

Day 14: All-day marathon of my favorite show on TV today!

Day 15: One week with no potty accidents in the house (of course talking about the puppy!)

Day 16: A happy memory popped up on my Facebook timeline this morning :)

Day 17: Good songs on the radio.

Day 18: An unsurpassed feeling of confidence.

Day 19: I woke up without an alarm this morning, I can’t remembered the last time that happened.

Day 20: I feel surprisingly amazing and healthy today!

Day 21: Thankful for a supportive family.

Day 22: Dinner turned out surprisingly delicious tonight.

Day 23: Good conversations with friends over snacks tonight was much needed.

Day 24: Finding the best parking spot.

Day 25: Well hello cool new haircut!

Day 26: Today is a good hair day.

Day 27: Saw a pack of giggling grade-schoolers running home from school today.

Day 28: Have I mentioned how thankful I am for the internet? Because it’s a lifesaver.

Day 29: The first signs of spring.

Day 30: I have 30 days worth of positivity to look back on, it’s surprisingly motivating.


I can’t say I started this gratitude project to discover anything profound. Instead, I discovered that it was easier to find small things to acknowledge within the grander picture. Bad days are inevitable, but good moments can happen no matter what.

All-in-all, this is an easy exercise I’d encourage everyone to give a try. If you’re anything like me, it could be just thing thing to help point you in a positive direction as we head into spring.