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You’re part of something big

The movement of Fair Trade is growing, and your part in it has helped bring positive change to countless hardworking individuals around the globe. Although we’ve made our voices heard, there’s still work to be done.


Your mission: Teach 3 people what Fair Trade means.


We’ve outlined some talking points for you below:



Unlike many of the typical mass producers of goods around the world, fair trade workers are paid fair, up front prices for their work. Additionally, their working conditions are safe, child labor is forbidden and gender equality is ensured. These factors help foster long-term buying relationships and make the opportunity of food, water, shelter, education and quality of life a reality for people in economically disadvantaged communities.


Learn more about how I Thought of You puts these principles into action. We’re so proud to support a movement that makes a difference in the lives of so many, and we’re excited to share our mission to spread hope even further.