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5 Easy Ways to Work From Home

Whether or not you have a full-time part-time or freelance job outside the home, there are a wide variety of opportunities for you to make some extra cash in creative ways. See our money earning tips below for ways to increase your family’s monthly budget allowance.

Be a Shutterbug
Even if you’re not a professional photographer, there are websites who will pay for your photography. Shooting from a smart phone? No problem! Take a look at websites like Shutterstock, iStock, and Getty Images to see their rates. Most sites will pay a percentage each time a customer purchases your image.

BST Boards
BST stands for Buy, Sell, Trade. What Craigslist began has quickly grown into a larger market with other players such as Gumtree, Letgo, and even Facebook Marketplace. These are great places to find freebies - products people are literally just giving away. You’ll find this to be the case when people are moving long distances and want to rid themselves of belongings fast. Some items will be in great shape, some may not be. Look for items that have a desirable outlook in the resale market, clean it up, and you can resell on these same boards.

Utilize Your Skills
Whether you have a voice that belongs in a commercial, a knack for painting, or can help with a computer problem, websites like Task Rabbit, Thumbtack, and fiverr allows people to sell a service to people near and far.

Use Your Wheels
Driving for companies like Lyft and Uber are commonplace for those who want to work and set their own schedules, but your car can make money beyond that by also expanding to meal delivery. Apps like GrubHub and Postmates are like Uber for food delivery.

Define Your Style
Ever thought about starting your own business? Even if you have no background in business or sales, simply wearing styles crafted by people in developing countries is often enough to start a conversation and gain sales without every pressuring anyone to buy. I Thought of You offers a program to partner together and get sample display merchandise to help generate sales. Learn more and see if we’re still accepting partners in your area.