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Confidence and Kind Hearts


Likability and confidence go hand in hand. People who are likable are secure in who they are, and people who are confident (but not over-confident) are easy to talk to. Back to school can be a nerve-wracking time for kids and adults alike so we’ve assembled some of our favorite ways to give yourself a boost for the weeks ahead.


These tips have been split into two categories: appearance and communication. Pick a few to try out this week and let us know how they work for you.



Practice simple, non-verbal cues in everyday conversations. Make an effort to wear a genuine smile. How do people know it’s genuine? Your cheeks and the corners of your eyes will show it!


And while you’re at it, have a sense of humor and laugh more. Life isn’t always serious, so don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t compare your accomplishments to others. Let go of your mistakes or, better yet, learn from them! Find joy in the accomplishments of yourself and those around you. When you radiate joy, others will be sure to notice.


Don’t over or underdress. Each can carry connotations that may not be positive. Equal dressing shows respect and helps to increase confidence in both parties.



Having engaging conversations will help you form emotional connections with people you come in contact with, even in short everyday exchanges. Don’t default to emotionless conversations about weather and traffic. Ask intriguing questions and show a real interest in what they say. You’ll make the other person feel important and you’re likely to find shared passions you have in common. This will help you be perceived in a trusting, loving manner with a kind heart.


Know how to handle opposing views others may have. It’s important to respect opinions, even if you don’t agree with them. Don’t impose your views on others. It rarely changes minds and often has the opposite effect. Being confident and being humble are a balancing act, knowing when to practice each is an art that can be mastered if practiced regularly.