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Global Cuisine

Food is a staple in every culture yet is an element that can bring us together. We’d love to show you some traditional meals enjoyed by our artisans:



The warm, wet climate of South America makes it the perfect climate for rich juicy fruits. Because of this, fruit products are a large staple in their diets, and the reason they have ample supplies to create our Made From Fruit jewelry.


During our most recent trip to visit the group, they were excited to prepare some traditional meals and we were excited to try them! Breakfast consisted of a large plate of sliced fruits including red and green apples, bananas, pears, and mangoes with a glass of pineapple juice.



In Colombian culture, lunch is the large meal of the day. We couldn’t believe when the courses kept coming, they were all so delicious! To begin the meal, a traditional creamy potato soup was served. Potatoes are not plentiful because the climate is not suitable for this type of agriculture, so canned potatoes are mainly used. The second course was a mix of wonderful flavors of pan-fried chicken, rice, chickpeas, fingerling potatoes, and a guacamole veggie salad. The meal was followed by a banana cream dessert and topped off with a glass of guanabana juice.



Never heard of guanabana juice? Neither had we! Our artisans found it so humorous that we were unfamiliar with this staple in their diet. It’s best described as a large, hard apple-type fruit with many seeds and a prickly exterior. The fruit is mostly used for juice because of the seeds and rarely eaten.



Fruit is a staple in Indonesian diets as well, the climate is perfect for growing plentiful fruits in the most vibrant of colors. Large and small roadside markets are plentiful with some of the freshest selections you’ll see anywhere.



Breakfast in Southeast Asia consists of small portions of the daily essentials to get you started for a busy day. On the left is a photo os dragon fruit, a sweet selection of a slightly rubbery fruit with a large pit just below the meat.



Rice is a staple in the diets of our Indonesian artisans, paired with protein adorned with aromatic spices. Meat is served in smaller portions than the typical American dish, but the burst of flavor with each bite is just perfect.




Roadside markets are plentiful in India. Everything from meats, produce, spices, to everyday essentials can be purchased on your travels to and from your destination. Each marketstall owner is eager to educate customers about the wares offered. The colors displayed are in every hue imaginable.