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Loving the Environment

We strive to set a good example with everything we do, and we know many of you do the same. Everyone has an opinion on what is “right” and what has the biggest impact on our world. Planet awareness is a hot topic, but there is no one way to take action. We can each make small choices that, together, have a great impact.



Simplify your life with simple changes in your daily routine. Be an informed consumer in areas that matter to you. Maybe that’s researching the ingredients used in household cleaners. Maybe that’s signing up for a recycling or item swap program in your neighborhood.



You’re able to do more good in the world around you when you feel good (both physically and mentally. Don’t forget about yourself while you’re busy setting a good example. Stay hydrated to reduce toxins. Cut down on refined sugars, alcohol, and caffeine. Find ways to reduce stress like exercise, meditation, or a short walk. Read our post from earlier this year for more tips on bettering yourself through small, simple changes.




When you choose to buy Fair Trade products, you transform lives in a real way by offering sustainable income opportunities for people in developing countries. Unlike many of the typical mass producers of goods around the world, fair trade workers are paid fair, up front prices for their work. Additionally, their working conditions are safe, child labor is forbidden and gender equality is ensured. These factors help foster long-term buying relationships and make the opportunity of food, water, shelter, education and quality of life a reality for people in economically disadvantaged communities.


Fair Trade producers aren’t the only ones that benefit. Fair trade items are made with sustainable or upcycled materials, making them a good choice for the planet. They can also be found in a number of product categories, making it easy to find fair trade alternatives to the mass-produced goods we’re used to. Even better? They often don't cost significantly more than traditional products.


Whether you’re in the market for jewelry, decor, or scarves, accessories, our 100% handmade and 100% Fair Trade selection of products has the perfect pick for yourself or a gift for someone special.