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Curate an Eco-Friendly Accessory Collection

Style on purpose is a quickly growing trend, and one that we hope will be here for the long-haul. Consumers are quickly shifting to a movement where they ask questions and demand to know the story about where their products come from. And we couldn’t be more proud.



Some companies are up-front about the workers who make their products, the conditions in which they are made, and the materials used. Some companies deliberately make their supply chain hard to track. We care deeply about ensuring that Fair Trade practices are followed with every business decision we make, that’s why we’ve followed Fair Trade practices from the day our business launched.


We search out and hand-pick the artisan partners we work with, because we want to be able to provide answers to the tough questions. Our products and business uphold all Fair Trade practices including safe working conditions, the avoidance of child labor, prompt and fair pay, gender equality, and the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. We even take that one step further by paying our partners up front for the materials they would need to create our products. This eliminates a financial burden that many of our artisans would not be able to bear because we never want something like the cost of materials to be a barrier of partnering with us.


Absolutely everything we sell is handmade and Fair Trade so you can feel good knowing that your fashion is ethical when you partner with us. Here are a few of our customer’s favorite picks right now:





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