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Feeling Beautiful

A more beautiful you starts with a more confident outlook. Take a look at our list of 30 easy ways to better yourself to let your inner beauty radiate. We hope you feel beautiful today.



Get a restful night’s sleep
Listen to yourself
Create & recite a mantra
Get moving
Smile in the mirror
Keep a journal of your thoughts
Reward yourself for being fantastic
Be grateful
Compliment yourself
Listen to music
Accomplish something
Be proud of yourself
Eat healthier
Wear your best color(s)
Don’t compare yourself to others
Look at art
Compliment others
Find inspiration in the everyday
Write something nice about yourself
Radiate positive energy
Turn your cell phone off and be present
Smile at others
Do something that makes you happy
Drink more water
Tell yourself what you like about yourself
Do something nice for someone deserving
Give yourself a pat on the back
Look in the mirror differently




Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the believe that she is beautiful.