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Finding Yourself

Intelligence comes in many forms, but often shines brightest from within. We’ve compiled five easy ideas that you can incorporate into each day to sharpen your mind and broaden your perspective.



1. Make lists
Setting aside 10 minutes each day to make a list is a great brainstorming activity to keep your mind sharp. Find writing prompts online that intrigue you and document your thoughts on a journal.


2. Learn from experience
Whether you’re exploring a new perspective or deepening your knowledge on a subject, the internet is full of videos to expand your horizons. TED Talks and Khan Academy videos are a great place to start.


3. Share your expertise
Did you know that explaining something can often help you gain a better understanding of it? Being able to sum up your own knowledge in a way that others can understand means you have a deep understanding of it yourself.


4. Talk to strangers
Willing strangers, of course. Instead of staring at your phone to pass time in public, pay a compliment to someone and have a quick chat. You’re sure to brighten someone’s day.


5. Play games
Really! Puzzle and word games like 2048, chess, Scrabble, and Sudoku are great ways to entertain yourself while keeping your mind in peak condition.



How do you plan to apply what you’ve learned? Tell us in the comments!