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Welcome, Uganda!

We’re so pleased to introduce our new group of women artisans from Uganda. They specialize in beaded jewelry made from upcycled paper. The vibrant colors unique to each piece offer a new way to show off your one-of-a-kind style.



Each purchase makes a direct and sustainable impact on these hardworking women. Many of our artisan partners are mothers who are now able to provide their children with an education. In Uganda, boarding school is the best option for girls because it provides them a safe environment without a long distance commute, eliminates distraction so she can focus on her studies, and provides electricity so she can study after the sun goes down.




“After my husband passed, I was determined to provide for our children. I learned how to budget and save monty and can now afford to send my children to school with the money I earn making jewelry.”



We can't wait to share more of their story with you. Shop their styles on our website to continue our mission to #spreadhope.