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A Cause to Care About

Earth Day is a celebration near and dear to our mission. Our company was created to provide steady work to people in developing countries while also embracing styles that use materials that are kind to our environment. Many of the products we sell are created from repurposed materials like upcycled Indian saris, discarded fabric scraps, and even real coffee beans and fruit pulp.

This year’s Earth Day is focused around putting an end to plastic pollution. From creating harmful environments for marine life, creating litter on beaches, and clogging waste outlets of streams, sanitation lines, and landfills, creating a sustainable solution is vital to the health of our communities.

You’d be amazed at the long-term impact just one person can have on this cause. Our friends at have put together an easy toolkit to help educate, inspire action, and spread the word about ways you can join this movement.

To continue the celebration, we introduced several new styles this week. Not only can you be stylish and eco-friendly, each new arrival is under $25 so your wallet will thank you as well. Take a look at some best sellers from this new collection.