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A Deadly Industry

Did you know that tortoise shell is made from the shells of real turtles? Most tourists who purchase tortoise shell jewelry on vacation don’t realize that an animal was killed to craft a bracelet, necklace, earrings, rings, guitar picks, combs, and fans.

Real tortoise shell jewelry and accessories are made from the shell of a hawksbill sea turtle. The animals are captured, killed, and have bits of their shell removed. Then it is cut, polished, and sold at markets, mostly in Central America and the Caribbean.

Many customers don’t realize what they are buying, so we’re doing our part to spread awareness for this trade which is contributing to the extinction of sea turtles around the world.

Do your part by not purchasing styles made with real tortoise shell so the industry will no longer be profitable. Without customers to purchase, the desire to capture turtles for their shell will be eliminated. Do your part to let vendors know that you only purchase from shops that are turtle-friendly. Opt for a locally-made eco-friendly product instead and know you did your part not to support this harmful industry.

We’re proud to state that our handmade sunglasses that feature this design are 100% faux and is not made from real turtle shell. You can feel good knowing your purchase from I Thought of You does not contribute to the elimination of such an important and beautiful species in our oceans.