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A Decade of Impact: Celebrating 10 Years of Creating Change

It's a momentous occasion! I Thought of You is celebrating a decade of creating change, and we're thrilled to share this incredible journey with our beloved community. What began as a small endeavor to uplift one mama maker in Indonesia has evolved into a global movement, touching the lives of families in nine countries, including our home in the US.

"10 Years of Creating Change" is more than just a phrase you’ll hear from us this year; it's a testament to the power of small actions creating big ripples of transformation. At the core of our success is the dedication of our passionate team of affiliates, who tirelessly spread the word about our mission and small business. Without them, our reach wouldn't extend far enough to share our story with the world.

What sets I Thought of You apart is our commitment to more. Our partnerships with makers serve as beacons of hope, providing families access to essentials like healthy food, education, and medication. This ripple effect reaches beyond individual lives, preserving traditions, creating opportunities for the disadvantaged, and fostering a sense of community unity.

As we reflect on our journey, we’re looking back while dreaming forward, this impact we’ve achieved together is nothing short of extraordinary. From humble beginnings, we've grown beyond imagination. The future holds boundless possibilities as we continue to grow, leveraging our resources, expanding our reach, and maximizing our positive impact on the world.

Join us in celebrating "10 Years of Creating Change" with I Thought of You! Together, we've shown that resilience, compassion, and small, intentional actions can transcend borders and change lives. Here's to another decade of growth, empowerment, and bringing goodness into the world. Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey! 🌟