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A Sincere Thank You

Thank you for being a part of our story.


I Thought of You was launched during Thanksgiving of 2014 with a mission of creating positive change for people in developing countries. We’ve accomplished that, and continue to #spreadhope throughout the towns and villages of our artisans every day. But we’ve gained so much more than we initially set out to accomplish.


We are not a charity. We are a force that empowers.


Together, our social mission has improved the lives of men and women in developing nations. Together, we’ve created jobs. Together, we’ve purchased over 65,000 handmade items that make a difference.


You’ve joined in furthering this cause in so many ways. Each customer who has made a purchase, Curator who has sold countless products, and fan who has told a friend has had a hand in giving back. Every business decision we’ve made has kept these values moving in the direction we believe so strongly in.


Today, we are thankful for you. Without you, we would not have the voice to give to our artisans. Your support has allowed our mission to grow. We’ve added new artisan groups to our team, and have expanded our current artisan groups to train additional workers. You’ve stood with us, sent us feedback, and helped our mission grow. Thank you for every comment, question, email, photo, or bit of feedback you have sent to us. Your thoughtful gifting, styling, and passion has created an unstoppable force for good. A great brand relies on a strong community of customers who believe in a product. You’ve been that, and so much more.


Our mission is simple: spread hope. These were the words the came to mind when we decided to create a world changing business. And it’s still the best way to sum up what we believe.


Tis the season for showing gratitude. We are thankful beyond words for your support and can’t see where we can go together in 2017.


With hope,