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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Our mission is built on relationships. Getting to know our makers is one of the true joys of the work we do. As we’ve played a role in helping women rewrite their futures by providing sustainable and safe job opportunities, we’ve grown close to their families, neighborhoods, and communities. Prior to 2020 we regularly visited our makers in their towns and homes, but when that came to a dramatic halt due to the pandemic, we spent time reflecting on the good times we were missing.

Our visits went far beyond collaborating on new designs. We sit down for meals together to create connections. We learn more about their community and meet their neighbors. We share stories and learn what inspires each other. We check in on their wellbeing to make sure our partnership is meeting their needs. We talk about what we are doing now and where we want to go in the future. These are all things that are challenging at a distance, our hearts are longing for the days we can meet our makers in their homes again.

Another important part of our visits is to meet new makers. As our mission has grown over the years we’ve been fortunate to grow our current partnerships while also adding brand new groups of makers to our group. Finding new makers in the countries where we work is best done with a “boots on the ground” style and this has been a challenging undertaking working at a distance.

Although the challenges our makers have faced due to Covid in this past year have been difficult, we’re thankful to our customers who continue to support our mission which continues to provide opportunities for these hard working people. It’s our hope that when it’s safe to travel and meet with our makers again that we can pick up where we left off and continue to grow.