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Advice for Your Younger Self

If you’re like most, the new year is a time to hit refresh and take a look at the way you do things (and try to be better). Maybe you want to eat more healthy foods or be more active. Maybe you want to break the smartphone addiction and be more present. Whatever goals you have for yourself, don’t wait for a date to begin. You can start taking small steps today to reach a larger goal.

My goal for 2019 (that I’m starting this month) is to try and act on advice I would have given my younger self.

Don’t be afraid to say no.
Whether it’s visiting family out of obligation, overloading your schedule because you feel like there are certain non-necessities that *have* to get done, or taking a stand on something you believe in. If “no” is the answer you want for yourself, say it and stick with it.

See more things from someone else’s point of view.
Traveling has helped me experience new cultures and approach life in a vastly different perspective than before I left the US. Understanding that someone can live a completely different life and make significantly different choices from your own not only helps you grow in your own self, but broadens your views on things you may not have understood completely previously.

Eat what you want (within reason).
The shape or size of your body does not equal happiness of fulfillment. Don’t cut yourself off completely from something you truly enjoy. You probably shouldn’t eat a whole gallon of ice cream in a single sitting (and it probably won’t make you feel very good after -or even during- the fact). Have a small bowl. My mom always tells me, “everything in moderation.”

Cut ties with people who don’t make you feel whole.
Maybe they don’t respect your time or make you feel poorly about choices you are making to better yourself. You, your whole self, you are enough. Trust your gut.

Be smart with your money.
Not just with the things you spend it on, but with the things you don’t spend it on. Have a rainy day fund in your savings account. You’re young now, but start saving for retirement yesterday. Pay down any debts that are lingering, even if you’re only making small payments at a time. Money doesn’t equal happiness, but making small steps towards healthier finances can give you security and a sense of freedom.

You’re a work in progress. There’s no finish line and the goals we’re working towards are a progression of where we want to be at a given point in our lives. You’ll make mistakes, and that’s ok. Learn to forgive, learn from your mistakes, and grow.

If there’s a piece of advice you’d give your younger self, I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment on our social media pages and share it with our community.