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An Evolution of Fashion

Did you know the average American has a closet with five times more clothing when compared to 20 years ago? Despite the fact that you may only be reaching for leggings during Covid, the size of wardrobes has been made possible, in part, due to the fast fashion industry. Low priced and low quality garments can be tough to pass up.

Because of these trends, the fashion industry has grown to become the second largest polluting industry around the globe and the effects it can cause to our environment can be more destructive than you may realize. In certain countries you’ll find workers (many of whom are women) in modern-day slavery conditions being forced to work up to 96 hours per week, and this includes children. These industry has long operated under a shroud of secrecy where workers can be subject to violence, unsafe conditions, and restricted bathroom access. Our goal is to play a role in standing up for workers who don’t have a voice.

We’re optimistic about the future and hope to continue to see these issues diminish until they are no longer a concern. Consumers are more educated now than ever before and are voting with their wallets to send a message about how they feel. Big brands are no longer able to ignore these strong customer preferences and have begun taking small steps to create fashionable looks with more sustainable materials and to move away from forced labor.

It’s hard to talk about—almost impossible really. But your heart would break if you saw little girls as young as five hauling materials around construction sites. We could tell you stories for hours, but what we want you to know instead is how much fiery passion we have about letting kids be kids. It’s the very reason we hire talented women and pay them wages they can comfortably support their families with. No child should miss out on those beautiful years.

There’s still a long way to go to stand up for the rights of every fashion worker. Now that consumers have the power to discuss concerns with brands on social media, we encourage you to play a part in creating change. Ask the hard questions to brands you currently shop with. If you don’t receive an answer (or if you don’t like the answer you do get), look elsewhere and find alternative brands whose values are in alignment with yours.

Women have the power to build up each other, even those in far away countries we’ve not had the privilege to meet. By supporting brands that stand for human rights, you’re helping our team ensure that kids can be kids, and hardworking, talented women are safe and paid living wages.