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Are Fair Trade Choices Too Expensive?

We’ve seen gorgeous handcrafted leather bags retail for $500 or more from Fair Trade boutiques and traditional manufacturers alike. Maybe that’s your aesthetic, maybe it’s not. Speaking from experience, if I paid $500 for a bag I’m guaranteed to lose it immediately so I like going for the more economic options. But if I need to treat myself, I know that expensive option is there. The more reasonably priced option at $30 or $50 would serve the same functional purpose and are usually more my style anyways.

The Fair Trade market is filled with the same range of choices from more budget-friendly pieces to splurge-worthy styles. Fair Trade isn’t necessarily more expensive and that’s something we’re so proud to play a role in. Our goals to make ethical shopping and styling in-reach for budget-conscious customers feel like they’ve taken on a new light. The daily routine for all of us looks different than it did a year ago. You might be leaving the house less, attending more meetings remotely, or opting for curbside pickup more often, but there’s no reason you can’t dress comfortably, look cute, and support a cause you so deeply care about at the same time.

Not only can consumers make responsible Fair Trade choices that don’t cost more, your Fair Trade products are actually worth more than traditionally manufactured choices. Each stitch is made with love, each bead was picked by hand, and each order is packed with care just for you. Your support during the era of Covid has literally moved mountains for our sweet makers who rely on your purchases for a steady stream of income. Thank you for doing your part to #spreadhope.