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Behind every partnership is a story of chance, fate, and meaningful connections

When it comes to choosing which countries and villages to partner with, we've learned to trust the journey. Our founder Mandy's encounters with incredible women on her journeys before I Thought of You was founded were nothing short of serendipitous.

Since our humble beginnings, we've honed in on the types of styles and materials our amazing customers love, and we've researched where those materials are abundant in the world 🌿 Armed with this knowledge, we embark on journeys often without a structured itinerary or expectation. We simply arrive, meet the locals, and start networking.

What unfolds is pure magic ✨ We find ourselves in villages where connections are scarce, yet the warmth of hospitality knows no bounds. As we share meals and stories, bonds are formed that transcend language and culture.

It's not uncommon for what begins as a simple visit to last for days on end, as we're invited into homes and hearts. And when it's time to bid farewell (for now), it feels like saying goodbye to lifelong friends.

These partnerships aren't just about business—they're about fostering genuine connections, understanding, and mutual respect. Together, we're spreading hope and making a difference, one village at a time 🌟