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Clinging to Nothing

One of the many benefits of surrounding yourself with people with different beliefs from your own is the ability to learn new traditions, see things from a new perspective, and allow yourself to grow. Many of our artisan partners follow Buddhist teachings and we’d like to share an idea that comes from one of their teachings - developing a mind that clings to nothing.

It may be an abstract concept to grasp, but imagine a mindset that doesn’t get attached to habits or behaviors, a mindset that feels at home most anywhere because it doesn’t feel the need to be in any one place.

How it could help
This teaching can help you in dealing with someone who may irritate you. Those feelings of frustration may be because you’re attached to a way you want that person to behave and you are unhappy when that doesn’t unfold in your favor. Allowing your mind to separate from this attachment could bring you more peace and may even allow you have an increased level of compassion for this person as you see their underlying suffering.

On the contrary, imagine someone is upset with you, this could lead to feelings of anger and cause defensiveness on your part. You’re now upset because you wish they would treat you in a particular way. Letting go of this would allow your upset feelings to be released and perhaps approach the situation with a level of understanding.

Letting go
The best way to adopt this mindset is to simply be mindful. It’s not something you will master overnight, it’s a practice you can work to perfect over time.

First, notice when you are clinging. Once you start to realize the signs, you’ll begin to recognize possible patterns and triggers. When you need to have that caffeinated drink to start your day, that may be clinging for you. No judgement, just noticing is the first step.

Make a mental note of how the clinging makes you feel.

For 30 days, explore practicing a daily 5-10 minute meditation. Find yourself putting it off or cut your time short? Ask yourself what is pulling you away from it. Learn to let go. Relax your body and your mind will follow.

Find amazingness in small bits of everyday things.

As you continue letting go, it will get easier. Notice it, let go, and practice that over and over again. You’ll find yourself expanding your perspective, to see connections and to feel better connected to all things yourself, and appreciate the beauty in the everyday.