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Curator Spotlight: Alethia

We love recognizing how much each and every Curator on our team adds to our story. They share the same passion for our mission and are out there spreading hope for the good of others. We are proud to call these empowered women our partners.

Today’s Curator spotlight features Alethia!

Alethia is a wife and mother from Maryland. When she’s not busy being an amazing Curator or working her full-time job, Alethia loves to cook and do crafty projects with her daughter. She also serves on the leadership team at her church and volunteers at her daughter’s school. These selfless acts are just some of the many reasons Alethia fits our Curator team so beautifully.

Although she was just recently accepted into our program, Alethia has already made such an impact. It doesn’t take long to create change when all the resources are provided for you through a women-empowered program. Her journey began when she was inspired by one of her girlfriends, who has several side businesses, to start exploring options for herself. She came across I Thought of You and felt an immediate connection to our mission. Alethia didn’t just want a side business; she wanted a side business that aligned with her faith, values, and worldview. Having a company on a mission to do good with a support network that is equally as helpful and encouraging was exactly the side business she was searching for.

She may be fresh to the team, but Alethia has already found some helpful pieces of advice to pass on to women considering joining us this year.

Alethia was nervous to start but advises others who may be feeling the same to just do it! Trying something new and different that also supports other women is worth the risk of putting yourself out there. Since you run your own small business with our Curator program, she also suggests to take advantage of your strengths. If you love social media, go out and rock the social media game. If you’re better with person-to-person interactions, host some local events.

Alethia personally loves events and Pop-Up Shops and focuses more of her energy on letting those bring her business success. She’ll tell you one of the greatest benefits of events and Pop-Up Shops is the opportunity to talk face-to-face to the people who truly appreciate the meaning of Fair Trade. It’s her chance to talk with others who are out there impacting the world with their buying decisions.

We love asking our Curators their favorite styling tips and what they love to tell their customers about buying Fair Trade. Alethia’s tips? Rock your look, whatever it is. Confidence is not only key, but it’s attractive and the most important style you’ll ever have. And when you wear your favorite pieces from your Starter Kit, be prepared for compliments! Our artisan-crafted pieces are so unique and beautiful they’re guaranteed to be a conversation starter every time you wear them.

A huge mission of I Thought of You is the concept of spreading hope. This means something different to each story of our Curators; to Alethia, it means inspiring others, encouraging growth and beauty, building others up, and planting seeds in hope that others do the same. She has been working hard on self-care and knows how much of a struggle it can be. Rather than be discouraged by the struggle, she’s out empowering other women to follow suit. These small actions are what make huge impacts.

Women like Alethia are the reasons why our Curator program has proved so successful. We’re blessed to have her on our team and we can’t wait to see how many more lives she’ll change on the road ahead of her.

If you’d like to support Alethia’s journey, take a browse through her website! If this is a kind of journey you’d like to find yourself on, we’re currently accepting applications for new Curators to join our team. Link over to our Partner Page to find all the details. The opportunity to create your own story is closer than you may think.