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Curator Spotlight: Cristina

This month’s Curator Spotlight features Cristina Olesen, who joined our team after initially being drawn to our accessory line.

Between caring for her house, shuttling her children back and forth, and gardening, it was important for Cristina to find a means of income that fit into her busy schedule. Through being part of our Curator Team, she is able to help her parents financially and cover her day-to-day expenses while having more time to spend with her two sons.

Her favorite things about being part of the I Thought Of You Curator Team are the beautiful, eco-friendly products, the story behind each piece, and the wonderful community.

In fact, her passion for people drives her business. Through selling both online and at vendor events, she feels connected to others by their joint purpose in doing good and joy in beautiful, hand-crafted goods.

“Spreading hope means caring enough to help those in need. It means bringing awareness and empowering others to be self-reliant. I’m so thankful to be able to do good, while looking and feeling good in the products!” reflects Cristina.

When asked for advice for future Curators, Cristina had some very helpful tips.

Firstly, to wear the pieces. It’s easier to recommend products when you understand how they work best! (Her personal favorite pieces are the Persa Cuff and Pashmina Scarf).

Secondly, to learn the stories behind the products. She keeps a log of basic info to keep all of the facts straight, which is useful and social selling situations. People love to know exactly how their purchase is impacting others!

Thirdly, when selling to others, keep in mind some simple styling tips. For example - if someone wears a lot of neutral tones, suggest adding bright pops of color.

We are so thankful for Cristina and our whole team of Curators who further our mission of Spreading Hope!

If you are interested in partnering with us and doing good while making a flexible income, visit our Partner page to get started.