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Curator Spotlight: Dena

“I'm working to uplift someone's spirit whether it's a smile when they wear their "I Thought of You" piece and also helping work with this company in getting artisans a sustainable income with the pieces they create.”



Dena joined our team in 2016 after seeing our Made From Fruit products. “I had never seen jewelry like that before and instantly loved it.” Her personal mission was to have fun and spread the mission she believed in so much.



“I became a Curator because I really like what they stand for and the mission, I love the fact that they are working with artisans directly and promoting Fair Trade, love the stories behind the artisans who make the pieces.”


Being a Curator has helped her to get out and meet new people. She doesn’t really like to get out and socialize but the unique styles draws people in and helps to start a conversation. “We all have to get out of our comfort zone now and then.”


Her favorite styles are our Relang Necklace, any of the Made From Fruit Necklaces, and her Kitty Hawk Wayfarers which she bought to sell but ended up keeping for herself because she fell in love with them instantly.



She enjoys showing customers how versatile the different pieces are by pairing together unexpected styles that work really well together and by dressing styles up and down to create the perfect look. Even if her customers don’t normally wear really bold styles, she loves showing them how they can create a new look they’ll love!



“I'm not a pushy person, so my first Pop-Up Shop, I was quite nervous because I don't like to give long talks about why someone should purchase something from me, but what I found was that the jewelry sells itself. I also have a friend, who equally loves the line as much as I do and continues shares her story with others and tells me about how it never fails that when she has an "I Thought of You" piece on, she always gets compliments. So it definitely makes you feel good. It's a great opportunity to spread hope!”



When she’s not styling her customers, Dena works as an instructional designer, spends time with family, travels, and loves to be outdoors. This summer she plans to go to Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, Minnesota, and New Zealand.


Have you been wanting to try a style but aren’t sure how it would work for you? Click here to shop with Dena and find a one-of-a-kind piece that speaks to you.



“I love the idea that these pieces each have different stories to tell and by sharing them - the story continues.”