Curator Spotlight: Elizabeth

“Like many of my fellow Curators, I came to this beautiful company via another career…or maybe career crossroad would be a better way to describe it.”



For 17 years, Elizabeth was a fourth grade teacher at her local public school in North Carolina. After taking time off to care for her sister, she realized it wasn’t possible to return to her career. She discovered I Thought of You when researching ways she could earn an income from home. After ordering a few pieces, she fell in love and the rest is history.


“My favorite part of being a Curator is sharing these beautiful, amazing products with friends, family and my community and while at the same time knowing that they’re making a difference in communities around the world!”



Her love of marketing directly translated into a career that she can feel good about, and meets the financial goals of her family. She’s marketing her business online and finds her customers directly and enjoys being able to have the creative freedom to choose how to grow her business.



After exploring the variety of handmade styles offered by I Thought of You, the Relang Necklaces in Crimson and Ocean were her go-to pick to be the finishing touch on her favorite outfits. Since then, he collection of favorites has grown to include the Tegar Necklace as well. “These necklaces are simple but really bring an outfit together. I’m also LOVING the new tassel jewelry in our summer line!  So fun!!”



To launch her business, Elizabeth hosted a Grand Opening Pop-Up Shop to share the mission with her family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. She sent cute online invitations to her invited guests but admitted that she didn’t promote it on her own social media channels. During the event, her husband just happened to snap a few photos and post them to his page and Elizabeth was stunned at the positive reactions she received. “We got so many comments and questions from friends who hadn’t heard what I was doing!” so she ended up extending her event for a few days so others could come by and shop. “The takeaway for me was…if people don’t KNOW what you’re doing they can’t help you grow your business!”



She’s also used her small business as an opportunity to connect with other women in her area who run their own small businesses. They’ve since formed a local networking and marketing group to support each other and help each woman grow their new career. Elizabeth is a regular participant in our virtual Curator network to keep in touch with others at I Thought of You as well. “We’re all in this together and it’s important to support each other, celebrate each other’s successes and give advice and support when needed.”



When Elizabeth isn’t running her sustainable empire, her family keeps her busy! Her and her husband enjoy running, hiking, and mountain biking in their free time.



The idea of “Spread Hope” is one of Elizabeth’s favorite things about I Thought of You, it’s power is in its simplicity. “There are literally thousands of ways to Spread Hope in our lives every day…something as simple as smiling and being patient with the older person in front of you in the grocery store who’s writing a check (seems like it takes forever, doesn’t it?), to extending an extra measure of grace to that family member, friend, neighbor in your life who is difficult to deal with.” This extends not only to her business directly by supporting artisans and their communities in developing countries, but also to our own spheres of influence by promoting kindness, generosity, and grace.



If you’re looking for some ideas to spice up your fall style, stop by her website and shop with Elizabeth! She can’t wait to show you how to accessorize with natural colors and materials to create a look all your own.