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Curator Spotlight: Hilary

Spread Hope means making a lasting positive impact on each others' lives by whatever means you are able. Hilary embraces our mission with open arms. She has a heart for empowering people in developing countries and giving them a path to create their own sustainable income. Her work here directly impacts their quality of life, along with the quality of life of their families.

Hilary joined our team to help her women feel beautiful through Fair Trade style. Knowing the real life impact she creates with each stunning piece of jewelry is what drives her. When she’s not changing the world as a fashionista, she leads annual mission trips to Kenya through the partnership of her church, this July will be her sixth trip to Kenya and her seventh trip to Africa. She’s also a REFIT® instructor and works full-time as a receptionist after several years in retail management.

“My wardrobe consists of mostly neutral or muted tones so I will make a statement with my jewelry and accessories.” Hilary’s favorite go-to pieces are the Pajang Necklace to instantly dress up any outfit, our Bunga Necklace in Sapphire paired with Musi Earrings, and a combo Aneka Necklace and Aneka Bracelet, both in Peacock to pull together an entire outfit. “Always be prepared to tell the story behind your pieces because that is what truly makes I Thought of You uniquely beautiful.”


Hilary enjoys the opportunity to educate people on what Fair Trade is and why it’s so important. The most memorable event she’s hosted so far was her very first, her Grand Opening Pop-Up Shop right in her home. “I loved getting everything setup to feature the different pieces, making chai tea and chapati, and opening my home up to friends for a fun afternoon!” Shop with Hilary and let her help you find the perfect accessory for your style.

“I’m not really in it for the money (that’s just a bonus!) I get to style my customers (and myself) while making a lasting impact in developing countries, that is my WHY!”



If you’re interested in joining us and creating your own small business that creates change around the world, here’s some advice from Hilary: “Selling I Thought of You is very different than any other direct sales company (there is NO RECRUITING)! The Care Team is so supportive, they want you to succeed!”

If Hilary’s story has inspired you, we encourage you to learn more about our program to see if it’s right for you. We accept a limited number of partners per region to ensure a market is never saturated with sellers, apply today to see if your area is still open.