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Curator Spotlight: Jennifer

“If I Thought of You lights a fire in your heart, you’ll know it. Then go for it.”

This month’s Curator Spotlight shines on Jennifer - a generous, loving soul who uses her small business to give back to causes she is passionate about.

What initially drew Jennifer to being a Curator with I Thought of You was the flexibility. Between loving on senior dogs, spending time outdoors, and caring for her home and family, Jennifer is kept very busy. Being a Curator with I Thought of You means that she can run her business, her way, on her own time according to her own personality and gifts.

Her personal favorite pieces are those that include bombona, which are some of our most colorful pieces. “I love them so much that I’ve turned into a bombona nut!” Jennifer enthuses. “I’m pretty fond of just about anything with orange peel rose too.”

When asked to give advice for potential future Curators, Jennifer advises to mix it up, and be bold. “Our pieces are versatile and can be worn with so many looks - from daytime mom jeans to that little black dress.... So many are fun and elegant at the same time.”

Not only has I Thought of You provided Jennifer with exible, exciting business opportunities she enjoys and excels at, but being a part of the team has blessed her personally as well.

“I Thought of You has blessed me several times,” Jennifer reflects. She goes on to share about meeting a particular artisan that inspired her deeply.

While selling handmade goods at an event, Jennifer met a woman named Meeta. She was drawn in by Meeta’s amazing handmade goods that ranged from plant-infused paper to handstitched purses. Through talking to Meeta, she discovered that while Meeta lived in the states, her mother remained in India and sent these beautiful pieces made by fellow artisans to her daughter in hopes of making sales and helping these artisans financially.

“I felt guilty...” admits Jennifer, “yet with a warmth in my heart because I made such a wonderful friend and am able to help those artisans.”

Through her position as a Curator with I Thought of You, she is able to make a difference to women like Meeta all over the world and make life better for others. To her, this is what it means to spread hope.

“Every action, big or small, they all add up,” says Jennifer. “And what goes around, comes around in a beautiful way.”

We agree, and are so excited to have women like Jennifer as part of our Curator Community! To shop with Jennifer, visit the link below.