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Curator Spotlight: Katie

Katie joined our team just about a month ago and we’ve been so impressed with the immediate impact she has already created. She has truly hit the ground running and we couldn’t be more thrilled to watch her grow with us.

“I had been searching for a company that I can be proud to be a part of. Selling these gorgeous pieces and contributing to the mission of the company is a win-win.” Her favorite part about being a Curator is doing good and spreading hope and light into the world. And of course, wearing the amazingly crafted pieces everyday is pretty great too!

“The three core principles of the company; be supportive, be fair, be thoughtful, ring true to me as well. These are things I try to practice in my everyday life and to instill in my children.” When Katie isn’t spreading the word about why Fair Trade is so important to her, she’s a mom to two little people and also enjoys swimming, yoga, and snowboarding.

Not sure which style to go with? Katie loves the carved wood clasp detail of our Aneka Bracelet and Necklace and the scent of our real coffee bean jewelry, especially the Cafe Fresco Necklace. And pretty much all of our cuff bracelets too. We know it can be hard to pick a favorite :)


If you’re having trouble picking a new piece for your wardrobe, get in touch with Katie. She’d be happy to provide style tips for the look you’re going for. She recommends being strategic with the styles; wear a statement necklace with a pair understated earrings or a simple bracelet, or wearing several simple bracelets to create a stacked look. She also recommends adding a delicate pop of color to bring a whole new lightness to your look.

As a stay-at-home mom, being able to add to her family’s finances is important. Katie is able to add to her family’s bottom line while staying true to her own principles which mirror those of I Thought of You. We stand to be supportive, be fair, and to be thoughtful, and Katie tries to practice those mantras daily and also to instill them in her children as well. “We all share the same mission and spreading hope is on the top of my list every day.”

If you’re interested in starting your own journey as a Curator, Katie describes it as “a wonderful opportunity to impact so many lives.” She appreciates the customer mindset of supporting artisans and supporting the cultural movement to speak with your dollars and not support sweatshops, child labor, and over commercialization. “The way the artisans are compensated is also a plus. They are not waiting for customer purchases to be paid; they set their own prices and are paid up front, making it much easier to earn a sustainable living as an I Thought of You artisan.”

“'Being good to the world' is a phrase that I use with my kids to instill so many different ideas in them. From being kind to others, to protecting the environment, to being good to yourself via nourishing food, water, rest and exercise. Spreading Hope to both artisans and customers is one more way to Be Good To the World!”