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Curator Spotlight: Katie

Katie is a full time Registered Dental Hygienist in North Carolina. She keeps busy with her husband, three children, and enjoys photography and crafting. Her reason for becoming a Curator was to reach a goal of making meaningful financial contributions to local non-profit organizations in her hometown.

After initially being drawn to us by the eye-catching, unique styles of our accessories, she wanted to learn more about our deeper mission and purpose. Once she joined the team, she immediately felt a sense of selflessness. “I wasn’t afraid to be unsuccessful with sales because I knew that even my own purchases were helping others and that itself was enough fulfillment. My sales have have been an additive to that and allow me to help yet even more people.”

Our new essential oil diffusing jewelry became quick favorites of hers, along with the classic Casi Necklace and Circo Bracelet. Can’t decide on a favorite to wear with the day’s outfit? Katie recommends that “less is NOT more! Layer it, pair it, and mix it for fun! I love that the pieces are so versatile and compliment each other!”

“I love when someone asks me about the jewelry when I am wearing and I get the opportunity to introduce them to it.”

Katie is not only setting an example of hard work towards a meaningful mission to her children, she’s been able to provide opportunity and encouragement to others and is a positive role model to her community while looking towards what the future holds.

We asked Katie what advice she would have for someone who might be interested in our program. “Pray about it!” Short and sweet, we like that!

If you can’t decide on your next handmade find or want some advice on layering your favorites, head on over to Katie’s shop and she’ll be happy to give you plenty of styling tips.