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Curator Spotlight: Kristin

As an artist, Kristin likes to paint, draw, and experiment with new mediums in her free time. She and her husband opened their own tattoo shop after moving to a small town last year and Kristin found herself having to start over and create a new circle of friends. 

 Kristin started her own I Thought of You business to add extra income to her family’s budget to help achieve their long-term goals of expanding their business, buying a home, and starting a family. When she started her search for a way to bring in some extra funds, she wasn’t attracted to companies that were based on competition, multi-level marketing, or quotas, and she didn’t want to sell products that she didn’t love herself. “The mission, the products and the stories are so meaningful and truly make an impact in the lives of others. As a Christian, I am called to serve others in any way I can. And although my sales benefit myself, the ripple effect is much greater! The simple fact that I could take part in positive change around the world made me want to become a Curator.” 

The added bonus of knowing she is doing something good for others is a feeling that never gets old. “When I stumbled upon I Thought Of You through my research, I immediately fell in love.”

It’s tough to pick a favorite style, but her top three picks are her Aneka Necklace, Orna Necklace, and Getah Cuff. “Don’t be afraid to be bold!” Kristin’s wardrobe consists of mostly black styles so the pops of color in her brightly colored pieces provide a great accent. Shop with Kristin to get her recommendation on a style that’s perfect for your everyday wardrobe.


Kristin found that, even being brand new in her new city, she was able to build a community with her new customers as well as other local vendors while growing her business. She’s built up a network of other direct sales vendors, small business owners, artists, crafters, and customers who share her same interests. This networking has helped to grow her business and establish her new circle. Kristin recently partnered with a yoga instructor and organized a craft fair in her studio with vendors who sell complimenting products like essential oils, handmade goods, artwork, massage therapy, and more. She paired that together with live music and food. “It was a great way to get my business started, even though I didn’t have many local connections at the time.  Now I’ve created relationships with those vendors to set up future Pop-Up Shops and other out-of-the-box events!” 

“Spread Hope means being apart of something bigger than myself. Putting the “need” of making a sale behind the “want” of making a difference.”