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Curator Spotlight: Lauren + Alissa

Each month we feature one of our Curators on our blog. Our network of independent sellers have allowed us to bring such an incredible amount of positive change to our artisans and their families. Lauren and Alissa are a mother daughter team on a mission to #spreadhope.

They wanted to not only help themselves and their family, but other families around the world as well. “Partnering with I Thought of you just made sense. My Mom was researching Direct Sales companies and found I Thought of You. She began telling me about it and what a great company it was for not only what the company stood for but, because it had what seemed to be a “no pressure” atmosphere and you didn’t have to recruit people to work under you.”

Our duo has held fundraisers to support important causes in their community. In March they raised enough money to buy a goat for a family in Rwanda. In April they raised money to help the family of young boy diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia just days before his third birthday. They’re now spreading the word to find more causes they can support through Fair Trade styles. Shop with Lauren and Alissa in their online store to find the perfect style that gives back.

To Alissa, “Spreading Hope is letting people know there is a better tomorrow and allowing them to help be a part of it. Spreading Hope is letting those in need know we are there to help and they don’t have to do it all alone.” Providing artisans with the tools they need to create a product and a means to provide support for their families is a cause she strongly believes in. “We are letting the artisans know that we believe in them, we value their hard work and determination, and that together we are helping each other find hope for a brighter tomorrow.”

Lauren holds an Associates Degree in Paralegal Technology and is certified with the NC State Bar Association as a Paralegal. She currently works for a local District Attorney’s office and is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Psychology.

“This company is awesome because it does give us the opportunity to do something together, something we are both passionate about and interested in. My Mom is my best friend. I don’t know many 23 year olds that can say that.”

Learn more about becoming a Curator and see if we have an open spot in your area.