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Curator Spotlight: Megan


As an avid traveler, Megan finds herself connecting to new friends she meets on the road. She enjoys collecting treasures and stories and getting to know the real life person behind a piece. Finding I Thought of You was a way for her to keep her adventurous spirit going, even while her feet are on the ground at home. She gets that same feeling of connecting to another person across the globe by introducing her Fair Trade styles and sharing the story of our mission.


Megan is a self-admitted mildly obsessed coffee enthusiast, you’ll find her wearing the Cafe Fresco Necklace and Lante Bracelet on most days (pictured above). The best part? Being able to smell the light natural aromas all day and watching people’s faces when she tells them it’s coming from her jewelry.


“I will be honest that I don't fancy myself stylish, but I do feel a certain coolness when I wear something from my I Thought of You collection because they are unfailingly conversation pieces and I do love to share them with people!”



Megan works with immigrant and refugee families that have just come to the United States. Her days are always an adventure, the school she works at has families from 35 countries.  Her first Pop-Up Shop was hosted here at her day job. The diverse staff she works with were fascinated by the stories behind each style, some were even from near where the school kids’ families came from!


A bit of advice from Megan from anyone who might be interested in what she does, “Jump in! There is a great, supportive community of curators and the Care Team are brilliant--there is nothing that this group can't help with!” Even with just getting married recently, Megan has found time to further this cause she cares so much about.



I Though of You’s mission to spread hope is at the core of why Megan joined. Connecting artisans to a fair wage, the handicrafts to enlightened customers, and the ideals of Fair Trade to the wider world resonate so deeply with her.



If there's someone on your list that would enjoy a Fair Trade gift this holiday, Megan would love to recommend the perfect piece to make the season bright.




If her story has inspired you to learn more about joining our team, we'd love to share our mission with you.