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Curator Spotlight: Sarah

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it every time, our Curators are the reason our artisans have found success in our partnership. We’ll never stop shining light on them and all that they are doing to bring good to this world.

Our Curator spotlight today is Sarah, and this is her story.

Sarah is a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful three-year-old son and was searching for something to do in her limited free time to earn some extra money. Having had a friend that started working for a different direct sales company, she was inspired to find a similar outlet to invest in. She needed a company she was passionate about and products she could fall in love with — I Thought of You was just what she was searching for.

She loved the pieces and the mission from the first moment she learned about our company. She was excited to be a part of a team that sold products she could get behind—"I’m a big supporter of Fair Trade and companies and charities that help people in [developing] countries, and the U.S., be able to support themselves and have better lives.”

Sarah joined our Curator program this February and has had great success since. On her journey thus far, her favorite benefit of being an I Thought of You Curator has been the opportunity to bring in additional income for her family while also contributing to a cause bigger than herself (not to mention she loves trying out awesome new jewelry).

If you’re looking for some personally-recommended pieces, Sarah suggests our Wrapped Seaglass EarringsMiyuki Bracelet, and Facet Drop Necklace. Her personal style includes a lot of darker shades, so she likes to add pops of color with accessories. Sarah especially loves the many blue and teal styles (and she’s in good company, these hues are some of our best sellers!).

With months of Curator experience under her belt, Sarah has some advice for others thinking about joining the program or for those just getting started—“It helps if you have a large group of like-minded friends or relatives to host Pop-Up Shops, but if not, local craft shows and events are great venues for our pieces.”

Many of our Curators find that Pop-Up Shops are great venues for their success. They create the perfect opportunity to spark conversation with friends about our brand and our mission and share your story as a team member. To help expand your customer base, we also recommend attending local vendor events. They are awesome for reaching others in your community and connecting with people over your shared love for Fair Trade.

While setting up at events can be successful, it’s important to remember they can sometimes not turn out how you planned. Sarah told us her first event bombed. It was indoors, rained all day, and the advertising wasn’t executed well, all factors she couldn’t control. That didn’t stop her from trying again. The second event she attended was amazing! She said, “It was the first year of an international music and food festival in a nearby city, and my I Thought of You booth just fit in perfectly there and was more successful than I hoped for. I will definitely do that one again!”

Her positive attitude is one of the many reasons Sarah is a fantastic addition to our team. If you're looking for a perfect addition to your fall style, shop with Sarah to find your next favorite handcrafted piece.

Outside of her time as a Curator, Sarah keeps busy with her son—“Child proofing and preventing him from destroying the house is a full time job.” She also has an English degree and loves to read. When she “grows up,” she dreams of being a librarian and having access to all the books.

We love hearing stories from our Curators, but we also love hearing what our mission, what “spreading hope,” means to them. Sarah’s insight really spoke to us: “It’s a cliché that money can't buy happiness, but it can drastically improve the lives of people living on practically nothing a day in many developing countries. Giving them jobs paying a living wage can spread hope throughout the world where things like education, electricity, and clean, running water were previously unimaginable.” Mindsets like Sarah’s are exactly why our Curator program has proved so successful.

We look forward to all the amazing things that still lie ahead of you, Sarah! Thank you for continually sharing our mission and looking great in our styles while doing it.