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Curator Spotlight: Tammy

Our Curators are the women behind our success. We are proud to have them as members of our team spreading our mission and spreading hope with us. Because they have such an impact on our brand, we love to shine the spotlight on them to show all the good they bring to the world.

Meet Tammy, a devoted Curator from Kansas. Tammy works full-time as a Health Technician at a local middle school and enjoys selling I Thought of You in her off hours. She has been with us for over a year and is only continuing to grow her business and her business skills. We had the pleasure of talking with Tammy about her experience as a Curator and we want to share her story with you.

Tammy had a simple goal when she started: “to reach out to people and spread the word of God.” She found I Thought of You and fell in love with the meaning behind our company. By selling Fair Trade products, she was given the opportunity to reach people with every purchase, from the customers themselves to the artisans her business supports. Because our Curator Program has no recruiting or multi-level marketing, Tammy appreciates that she can focus on her business and succeed in helping others as she goes.

Tammy joined our program because of the flexibility in schedule and because there’s no-pressure to sell. She expressed that, “To me it is not always about making money; it is to meet people along the way and spread the word of Fair Trade.” Tammy sells I Thought of You to earn a little extra money and for the experiences to travel with her husband to nearby towns for their local events. The freedom to control her own business plan also allows her to spend time with her two beautiful grandchildren and to devote time to her gardening.

With more than a year of Curator expertise under her belt, Tammy’s advice to anyone looking to join the team is to keep the mission of our brand at the center of your sales—“every piece of jewelry you sell is helping someone and their family in countries that are less fortunate.” Spreading hope lies in the differences you empower by selling Fair Trade and being the hope for change.

When hosting or selling at an event, Tammy recommends pairing necklaces and earrings together to create a whole “look” and to give customers ideas for styling their pieces. She also tries to include a discount on a set item at each event. One weekend all necklaces might be 25% off while the next weekend she’ll discount all earrings. Tammy uses her events to educate her customers about Fair Trade practices and how the artisans behind each purchase are fairly paid for their time and resources. And since our Curators are welcome to run promotions and specials as they’d like, Tammy can run her business in the way she feels is best.

If you’re local to the Kansas area, see if Tammy is nearby for some amazing Fair Trade goods! She’ll likely be wearing her favorite piece—our Lagri Earrings—and we must say, she has excellent taste. If you’re not local to her, you can always shop with her in her online store.

It is because of women like Tammy that we are able to successfully carry out our mission of doing good. Thank you, Tammy, for all you do for us!