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Doing a World of Good

When you embrace a mission with a goal to create a bridge between cultures, you become part of something bigger.

If you’re new around here, welcome! Our brand began when our founder was in the right place at the right time, it was an accident that’s grown to change the lives of hundreds of makers (and their families) in 9 countries and counting.

While pursuing her travel hobby in the early 2010’s she went to Indonesia on a whim and met a woman selling handmade jewelry at a local market to support her family. Yulia’s pieces displayed a unique beauty and undeniable craftsmanship that drew her in. She bought more than 20 pieces and returned home, excited to show off her new “collection” and to share Yulia’s story. After receiving so many compliments, she decided to put those pieces for sale online. They sold instantly.

Mandy’s background is in design and traditional marketing. She’s worked for some of the world’s best companies and brands including Apple, Dunkin Donuts, Febreze, Microsoft, Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Xbox. The hustle and bustle life of a designer at an advertising agency is appealing to many, but Mandy felt like it was lacking something she couldn’t pinpoint until she dreamed up the idea of starting a fashion brand for good.

This idea was the career change she had been seeking—an opportunity to influence for the better, to create positive change, and to leave a real mark. The styles Mandy bought became an investment in Yulia’s life and Mandy realized she could grow this brand to make lasting impacts for even more artisans just like her. 98% of fast fashion factory workers don’t earn enough money to cover their basic needs but when a woman is lifted out of poverty she takes an average of 3 people with her. When you shop with us, you’re becoming part of the solution.

Our team is inspired by the women we partner with. In many of the countries in which we work, employment opportunities for women are unsafe, undignified, or non-existent. When a woman is lifted out of poverty, she takes an average of three people with her and, ultimately, lifts up entire towns. When we make small changes in our buying habits and can see the long-lasting effects it has, it completely changes your perspective on life.

Thanks for being part of our community and supporting what matters 👋🏼