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Embrace the Artistry: Handcrafted Sunglasses that Celebrate Style and Fair Trade Values

Hey there, sunglasses lovers! Our handmade designs are more than just stylish accessories – they are a reflection of individuality and our unwavering commitment to ethical fashion. Let us introduce you to the exquisite artistry and exceptional craftsmanship behind each pair, as well as our dedication to Fair Trade values.

Unveiling Nature's Beauty
Picture this: sunglasses made from real wood sourced from sustainable forests. Each pair carries its own unique story, with grain patterns and textures that make it truly one-of-a-kind. From the warm embrace of walnut to the rich allure of ebony, our sunglasses beautifully capture the essence of nature's beauty.

Protecting Your Vision
We've got your back (or rather, your eyes!) when it comes to protection. Our sunglasses offer the highest level of UV protection, so you can soak up the sun without any worries. Our lenses meet stringent quality standards, ensuring that your eyes stay shielded from harmful rays while you're out there conquering the world.

Comfort for All-Day Wear
We know how important it is for sunglasses to be comfortable for those long summer days. That's why we've poured our heart and soul into crafting frames that not only look fabulous but also feel amazing on your face. Our lightweight and balanced designs provide a secure fit, letting you focus on enjoying every moment with ease.

Artistry in Detail
Prepare to be amazed by the intricate designs carved into the wooden arms of our sunglasses. From delicate motifs to bold patterns, these artistic details elevate your eyewear game to a whole new level. Each carving is a testament to the incredible skill and creativity of the talented artisans who bring our designs to life.

Global Collaboration
Now, let's address the elephant in the room: Fair Trade items made in China. We believe in giving artisans from all around the world an opportunity to uphold our shared Fair Trade values. Throughout our journey, we've had the privilege of collaborating with artisan groups in so many countries, China included. We were blown away by the quality, craftsmanship, creativity, and workshops we encountered on our visits, ensuring ethical practices, fair wages, and safe working conditions.

Although these makers met each and every one of our strict standards, adding a group in China still gave us pause. We had to stop and ask ourselves, "why" though. When we realized our own biases were the reason though, the choice became clear. Every individual, no matter in which country the live, deserves the chance to work in a safe environment, with safe materials, and earn a fair wage. In fact, many of the larger Fair Trade brands already work in China but label the country of origin "East Asia," and as part of our transparency value we wanted to share the story and paint the full picture so our customers always know what they're buying, who they're supporting, and what good they bring into the world with every purchase.


By choosing our handmade sunglasses, and all of our handcrafted pieces, you're not just embracing your personal style but also contributing to a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. Join us in celebrating the fusion of artistry, Fair Trade values, and eco-consciousness. Explore our collection and discover sunglasses that not only protect your eyes but also reflect your values – because being stylish and ethical is a winning combination!