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Empowering Change: The Impact of Supporting Small Makers

In a world where every purchase holds the power to make a difference, choosing where to shop becomes more than just a transaction—it becomes an opportunity for positive change. At I Thought of You, we believe in the transformative impact of supporting small makers, especially women, in disadvantaged communities around the world. When you shop with purpose, you create a profound ripple effect that creates a brighter future for artisans and their families.

Long-Term Employment and Economic Stability
Shopping with us doesn't just mean you're picking out a product—you're investing in livelihoods. Many of our makers rely on the steady income provided by their craft to support themselves and their families. By creating long-term employment opportunities, we help break the cycle of poverty and provide stability in communities where economic opportunities are limited.

Our makers in Guatemala craft intricate beaded jewelry that represents the traditions and values of their culture. Through their work with us, many of our Guatemalan makers have able to build a sustainable income stream that allows them to support the basic needs of their household, including food, housing, and healthcare. With each purchase, you're directly contributing to their economic stability and empowering her to build a better future for herself and their loved ones.

Providing Everyday Essentials
In addition to offering stable employment, your support also ensures that our makers have access to essential resources for daily living. From nutritious food to safe shelter, your purchases play a vital role in meeting the basic needs of makers and their families. This level of support goes beyond financial assistance—it fosters a sense of security and dignity for those who work tirelessly to create our beautiful products.

For our makers in Peru, your support means more than just income—it means access to essential resources that improve their quality of life. With the income they earn from weaving, they can afford nutritious meals for their family, provide a safe and comfortable home, and access healthcare when needed. Your purchases directly contribute to their well-being and help ensure that they can thrive in their communities.

Ensuring Children Receive a Proper Education
One of the most impactful outcomes of supporting small makers is the opportunity it provides for education, especially for children in disadvantaged communities. With stable incomes and access to resources, artisans can afford to send their children to school, breaking the cycle of generational poverty and opening doors to brighter futures.

For our makers in Colombia who create beautiful handcrafted accessories, the steady income earned means they can afford to send their children to school, where they receive quality education and opportunities for personal growth. Your support not only empowers these makers to provide for their family's needs but also ensures that their children have access to the education they need to pursue their dreams.


We're committed to creating positive change through ethical and sustainable practices. By supporting small makers, and women especially, you become a catalyst for empowerment, economic stability, and educational opportunities in disadvantaged communities around the world. Together, we can build a brighter future for artisans and their families, one purchase at a time. Thank you for joining us on this journey of impact and transformation.