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Fa La La La Fair Trade

With Halloween only four days away, we have *officially* entered the Holiday Season. Whether you’re prepping or baking or wrapping or all the things in-between, remember to have some fun and enjoy this season and the people who surround you. Because that’s really what it should be about.

Now, if you’re that overachiever type and want to kill two birds with one stone, why not have some fun with the people in your life while also helping them prep for holiday shopping? 

That’s right, it’s possible.

Give Empowerment.

Our Curator Program is just that answer. You run your own business, at your own pace, and with our support system to assist you along the way. It’s a stress-free opportunity to positively impact your life and impact the lives of those around you and those in developing countries. You’ll not only earn income for yourself, but you’ll also represent our artisans from around the world in the marketplace. The positive impact you’ll make on their communities is such an important part of their story.

The Holiday Season is about giving (if we’re being honest, getting isn’t too bad either). This year give the gift of Fair Trade and give empowerment to hardworking people around the world. Better yet, give the gift of convenient shopping to your friends and family by partnering with us. Your Curator business will be their perfect outlet to shop till they drop without getting their tinsel in a tangle. 

By becoming an entrepreneur with I Thought of You, you’ll receive the resources, training, and mentorship to succeed as a personal business owner as well as earn a generous commission on each sale you make. We believe in a no pressure system—no recruiting and no multi-level marketing. We want you to focus on building your business and making significant differences through your efforts. What’s more exciting is that by joining our Curator team, you’re unlocking an entire network of supportive women who are all working with different goals but toward the same mission of making the world a better place.

Talk about some fa la la la fabulous benefits.

Invest In Your Future. 

We believe in your success and we prepare you to achieve whatever goals you have as a small business owner. Between our Curator-exclusive discounts, monthly freebies, and the free website for your business, your investment in your future is an investment from us.

Where are your goals taking you? If you want to join the Fair Trade family and start making a difference with our team, this is your chance! By signing up now, you’ll earn a generous 40% commission on all sales made through your website this holiday season. That’s on top of all the sales and specials we offer, including our Black Friday deals which will blow you away!

Let’s get this Holiday Season off to a jolly good start.

What does it mean to be a Curator?

Less Stress, More Holiday Success.

It’s about time we started taking the stress out of these last few months and focusing our energy on all the positivity that lies behind what could be. But don’t take our word for it—listen to what some of our current Curators have to say.